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Problems / FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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I didn't get the passwords.

You should receive the passwords via email. It could take a few minutes, so give it a chance. You can email me or call (during normal hours), but I'm not always there, so I appreciate your patience.

If all else fails, the passwords will be shown on the invoice that comes with the Green Labels.

I can't print the PDF file.

Once you have the password, you can print the music from any computer anywhere that has access to the internet. Try printing it at a friend's house. That's what I'd do because it's the fastest and cheapest way.

This is the most common problem and it's almost certainly due to some variable at the customer's end. I really hate to say that, because I know how it feels to hear it, but it's true.

If you want me to send hard copies, see below for pricing. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery.

Of course, I welcome feedback that something on the site isn't working. Don't hesitate. Most of the time my investigations simply confirm that it's working on my test computers and that the customer will have to solve the problem. That's why I so appreciate it when you try a few things before calling/mailing.

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Are the Green Labels "generic" ... can't I use them on whatever song I want?

No and no. The Green Labels all look the same, but they're sold for and should be used for specific pieces. When we send you 20 labels for song X, the composer of song X gets the royalty. If you use them for song Y, composer X got something unearned and composer Y was cheated.

If you decide to use labels for music other than what appears on the invoice, please let us know.

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Does every copy need a Green Label?


Even free samples. We send you one Label per free sample so you can have a legal copy. If you want to make more copies, every copy needs a Green Label to be honest.

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I want you to mail me a hard copy.

No problem. Hard copies cost $1 extra each (plus the Green Label, so $1.85 each) and the shipping charge for a hard copy order is $2.95. The extra will be put on your card separately for shopping cart orders or added to your bill.

Just add a note to your order in the shopping cart or send me a separate email.

For economy, you'll probably want to get one hard copy from us and then photocopy the rest yourself.

Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery.

(See why it's better to find a friend with a computer that will let you print PDF file?)

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