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The See'n'Hear™ System

Every song in our SHOP FOR MUSIC section has a See'n'Hear™ link. A few seconds after you go to the See'n'Hear page for a song, the music should begin to play. The music control bar will let you pause, play,"rewind", "fast forward" the music.

There are two ways to see the music:

ONE, you can click from line to line right on the See'n'Hear page. You can do this while the music is playing. (That's why we call it a See'n'Hear page.) You can also stop the music and just click from line to line.

TWO, you can open the PDF Review file. This file is designed for on-screen review only.

Advanced users may want to open the PDF Review file in a different window from the See'n'Hear page. That way they can review the music as it will be formatted when printed while the music plays in the other window.

Either way, we know how important it is to be able to see and hear a song before you buy. We're happy to present our music to you in a way that lets you do so.

Why do we use those rudimentary midi files? Why can't you hear the words?

Midi files are small, which lets them download quickly. They are also affordable to produce, which lets us present entire songs, not just excerpts. In fact, the use of midi files makes the whole See'n'Hear system feasible. We know they're not as nice as recordings of real singers (well, usually not as nice), but when you take everything into account, they're part of the best solution.

For those who still want to know more, here's the reason a midi file is so much smaller than recorded music, even in compressed formats like mp3. Midi files are not recordings at all. They are digital instructions telling your computer what notes to play, how fast, how loud, etc. This makes them many times smaller than recorded music, but it means the music is only as good as your computer's ability to play it.

It's a trade-off, we know. Life's full of them. We chose to let you hear entire songs and hope that the ability to see the music while you hear it will compensate for midi's shortcomings.


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