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Changes In the Lifetime Library™

Originally: We sent you the next update (or installment) when it was ready.

Now: You order the update. Anyone who has bought Volume 1 is entitled to buy two updates per year at the special subscriber price. There is no obligation to buy and no need to "cancel" your subscription because we don't send an update until you order it.


1- You get to choose which update you want next.

2- You don't get surprised by an update you don't want (with a bill you didn't expect).

3- As the number of subscribers has grown, we were getting too many updates returned with changed addresses or cancellations. This was an extremely expensive and inefficient way to find out you've moved or you want to cancel.

Want to order an update but don't want to use your credit card?

Just CLICK HERE to order your update via email. Be sure to specify which update you want and confirm your name, address, and phone. We'll send the update with a bill.

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