The Label Makes It Legal™
   Welcome to the Best Way in the World to Buy LDS Sheet Music for your Ward Choir

How to Order

To "get the music," you will need two things from us:

1   The music itself to print using your computer.

2   A Green Label™ for each copy to make your copies legal and to show they're legal.

1   The music you get instantly

Every song has a See'n'Hear™ page where you can download a printable PDF file any time.

You'll need a password to open the printable PDF file.

You get the password instantly when you order Green Labels™ (the shopping cart emails the password to you).

2   The Green Labels™ we mail to you

To buy Green Labels™, click the "Add to Cart" button and follow the instructions.

There is a $1.95 processing fee for each order no matter how many Green Labels™ you buy. (So buy more!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO WAIT for the Green Labels to arrive to copy and use the music. We are very serious about honesty and we think honest people should be rewarded with convenience. Just stick the Labels on when they arrive. You should never put music into a library (personal, ward, or stake) without Green Labels.

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