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Green Label for making sacred sheet music downloads legal
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About Copying Music

Honest people deserve convenience. You may copy our music any time, but copies are illegal and dishonest without a Green Label™ on each copy. You buy the Green Labels from us.

We are very serious about honesty.

We offer wonderful music from accomplished, experienced composers. They are all professionals and have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours obtaining formal education in music composition and refining their professional skills. You can hear the results.

Our music happens to be inexpensive compared to printed copies in a music or book store, but that's just a happy accident of our distribution method. We aren't here to offer "cheap" music ... we bring you the best music we can find in a way that happens to be inexpensive.

Like I said, we're very serious about honesty, but we're relaxed and trusting. It says right on the music "COPY AUTHORIZATION Once you have ordered Green Labels™ you are authorized to make and use one copy of this music per Green Label™ ordered. When the Labels arrive, affix them to the area at left."

You will often need to copy music before the Green Labels you've ordered arrive. We understand this. HOWEVER, no music should be kept in a ward or stake library without Green Labels attached. That would be dishonest.

If you find some of our music in a library without Green Labels, you might think the right thing to do would be to just throw it away. That wouldn't be honest. The crime has already been committed. Throwing the copies away would just be destroying the evidence.

There ... I've given you both barrels. The bottom line is, the Green Label is a celebration of honesty. Our instant delivery system and the fact that we facilitate copying the music is because we assume you are honest and want you to have all the convenience honest people deserve.

Hooray for honesty!


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