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The Budget Stretcher™

1 - You buy a Budget Stretcher for $50.

2 - You now have $75 account credit to spend on Green Labels.

Click here to buy a Budget Stretcher™


In the shopping cart where it says "Option," choose "Use My Budget Stretcher Credit - less $0.85"

That's it.

When we process your order, we'll use your account credit to pay for the Green Labels.


How do I download without going through the payment screen?

You still have to go through the payment screen to pay the $1.95 order processing/ shipping/ handling charge. Your account credit pays for the Green Labels.

What's my password?

There is no password. The you simply have account credit to spend on Green Labels.

I don't see how much credit I have when I check out.

That is correct. When you select "Use My Budget Stretcher Credit - less $0.85" you're just telling us to use your account credit. It's not an automatic computer thing. A human being will use your account credit to pay for the Green Labels when they process the order.

How much credit do I have left?

You start with $75 account credit. Your remaining credit will be shown on every invoice we send with the Green Labels. Currently, there is no place to check your remaining credit online. Please feel free to call or email.

I want to order but I don't know how much credit I have left.

Go ahead and place the order. If you go over your credit amount, we'll put the extra on your card.

Can't I just get all the labels at once and decide what songs to use them on later?

No. We need to track sales for individual songs in order to pay accurate royalties to our composers. Green Labels are not "generic." They all look the same, but they are sold for specific songs and should be used on the songs for which they were purchased.

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