The Label Makes It Legal™
   Welcome to the Best Way in the World to Buy LDS Sheet Music for your Ward Choir

Quick-start instructions – read these first

1- Every order is an order for Green Labels, one Green Label for each copy.

2- Find the song you want and click "Add to Cart."

3- Complete the product information (quantity and payment options).

4- Check out (follow instructions there)

5- We mail you the Green Labels. If you already have copies, you're done. If you need to download music, keep going.

6- We email you a password for each piece you order. Each piece has its own password. They don't expire. You can use the password to open the music file on any computer.

7- Find a link that says "Download Print File" or "Print." Click on it. Enter your password to open the file. Print the music. (I print one copy from my computer and then "Xerox" copies for the choir at the ward library.)

Once you're familiar with the process, it will seem easy. In the meanwhile, if you still have questions or are having problems, try the detailed instructions below. They include some things to try when things go wrong.

Detailed Instructions Below

A- How to order music

1 - Go to the SHOP FOR MUSIC page.

2- Find the music you want. (More on this at section D below.)

3- Click "Add to Cart."

4- Specify how many copies you are going to make (Qty).

5- If you have Budget Stretcher™ credit, choose the appropriate payment option. See section E below.

6- As soon as your order is complete, an email for each piece should be sent to you with the password to open and print the music. (Didn't get the password email? See section F below.)

7- Use the password to download/print the music. See item C below.

8- We mail you the Green Labels.

B- How to order just Green Labels

1 - Do everything except for steps 6 and 7 in section "A- How to order music" above.

Every order is an order for Green Labels. At LDSMusicSource, "buying music" is synonymous with buying Green Labels. If you have copies of music without labels, you can make them legal by buying Green Labels and sticking one on each copy. If you have some copies with Labels but need more, just make copies from the ones you have and order one Green Label for each copy. Every time you order Green Labels, you will have the chance to download and print a fresh copy, which is nice, but if all you need is the Green Labels, just ignore the downloading and printing parts.

There are two ways to open the print file
C1- Printing music from the "SHOP FOR MUSIC" page

1- On the "SHOP FOR MUSIC" page, you will see listings for individual songs that look like the picture below. Click on the area that says "Click here to review or print this piece." It's found to the right of the music title.

2 - You will then see these options: See'n'Hear™ Page; Review; Print; Sound File.

3 - Click "Print.".

4 - The file should start to open and you should be prompted to enter the password.

5- The file should open and be ready to print.

     Problems? See section "C3 - Troubleshooting."

C2- Printing music from a "See'n'Hear™" page

1- On the "SHOP FOR MUSIC" page, click on either the title of the piece or the "See'n'Hear™ Page" link to go to the See'n'Hear™ page for that song. Remember, you click on "Click here to review or print this piece" (Section C1 step 1) to reveal the "See'n'Hear™ Page" link.

2- This will take you to the See'n'Hear page for that piece.

3- Click "Download Print File."

4 - The file should start to open and you should be prompted to enter the password.

5- The file should open and be ready to print.

     Problems? See section "C3 - Troubleshooting."

C3- Troubleshooting

Password doesn't work – The three most common reasons

1- Wrong version of the song - We offer multiple versions of some songs. For instance, an SATB version and a SSA version. Check to make sure you are clicking on the correct version of the song. For example, the password for "Still Still Still" item 4816 will not work with "Still Still Still SAM" item 7085. This is the most common problem, using the password for a different version of the song.

2- Typo - The second most common problem is the simple typo. I can't tell you how many times a customer has called saying the password won't work. We walk through the process and, because they're taking it more slowly and carefully, they type the password correctly and the song opens.

3- Software can't handle password-protected PDF files - Customers using the ironically named software "PDF Complete" have reported problems (it apparently isn't "complete" because it can't handle password-protected PDF files). Google Chrome used to fail to open password protected PDF files, but it seems to be working now. If you're having trouble using Firefox, try Internet Explorer or Chrome. Chrome not working, try Firefox or Internet Explorer. You get the idea. Once you have the password, you can use any computer and any browser.

4- It is possible that the file was corrupted during the download process. Often a corrupted file will have other problems, but it might look normal and still be corrupted. See the next section for hints.

Music is messed up - File is corrupted so pages are blank or contain nonsense characters or have missing noteheads, etc.

This is almost always due to a file that gets corrupted as it's downloading. When you click on a link for a PDF file, your browser downloads a copy to the "cache." When you click on the link again, you're not downloading a fresh copy; your browser is pulling the file from your cache. If it got corrupted during the first download, you will keep pulling that corrupted file from your cache over and over.

The trick is to force your browser to download a fresh copy. Here's how you do it.

1- Find the "Print" link or the "Download Print File" link. (See C! and C2.)

2- Instead of just clicking the link, right-click it and you will get a drop-down menu. (Mac users with one-button mice will have to option-click or control-click.)

3- Choose the option that saves the file to your computer. Every browser words these slightly differently.
In Firefox, the one to choose is "Save Link As..."
In Internet Explorer, the one to choose is "Save target as..."
In Google Chrome, the one to choose is "Save link as..."

4- The file will be saved to your computer. Your browser may automatically save files to your "Downloads" folder. Or, it may ask you where you want to save it and if you want to re-name it. Wherever it is, it's a fresh copy, not the corrupted one pulled from your cache.

5- Find it and double-click it to open it. Enter the password when prompted. Most of the time, this will solve the problem.

6- If your computer doesn't know how to open a PDF file, you can always download free "Acrobat Reader" and use it to open the file.

7- If all of this is incomprehensible, you can always call a computer-savvy friend, tell them the password, and ask them to go to and print one copy of the music for you. That's what I'd do.

D- Find the song you want

The image below shows what I found by going to the "SHOP FOR MUSIC" page, clicking on "All Music" and then clicking on the letter "K."

See the box that says "Search For Music"? You can type in a title, a composer, an item number, or a voicing and the songs matching that search will be displayed.

Try clicking on "Topics." That's a particularly interesting way to search.

Other links like "All Music," "Women," "New Music," etc. are fairly self-explanatory. Play around with this search page. It's kind of fun and you can't hurt anything.

E- Budget Stretcher credit

This area under construction as of 12/5/2013. I'll try to hurry.

F- Didn't get the password email

This area under construction as of 12/5/2013. I'll try to hurry.

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