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The Baseball Box Prophecy

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The Baseball Box Prophecy by Bruce Newbold

The reason you recognize Bruce's face is probably from the prominent roles he has had in many Church films. The remarkable thing about Bruce is that he is even nicer than he looks. I've had the great privilege of knowing Bruce for a number of years. Until December of 2008, we were in the same ward and he was a staunch supporter of the ward choir in spite of his busy calling in the bishopric.

So, when I found out he had written a book, I was anxious to read it. I was also a bit worried.

The book came to me with two strikes against it: 1- I love Bruce and I was afraid I would have to love the book even if I didn't. and 2- I'm not a baseball nut.

Oh me of little faith! The book is a home run from beginning to end. The night I finished it, I was up until 3 a.m.

I couldn't put it down.

Am I an avid reader? Well ... more like a compulsive one. When a book really grabs me, I have a hard time keeping my resolution to get more sleep. The Baseball Box Prophecy absolutely captivated me.

If the book weren't great, you wouldn't be reading about it. here. I'd have just told Bruce it was a magnificent accomplishment and left it at that.

But it IS here and I HOPE you will read it. You and every member of your family. It's a wonderful story, beautifully written, and with a thoroughly uplifting message skilfully woven throughout.

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Here's some more information about Bruce and the Book.

Bruce Newbold

Author/Actor Bruce Newbold is pleased to announce the completion and publication of his second book, entitled, The Baseball Box Prophecy. A book for all ages, The Baseball Box Prophecy is an exciting fantasy that tells the tale of a 900 year-old baseball and how it magically links a chosen boy, a time-traveler, and a town witch in the fulfillment of an ancient, mysterious prophecy.

Bruce Newbold has appeared in TV shows and films spanning a career of over 35 years. He has recently completed work on two short films:  Swahili Lessons (BYU Television) and Only a Stonecutter (a TC Christensen production, depicting the life of John Rowe Moyle). His one-man dramatization of the life of Christ, In Him Was Life, has been performed throughout the United States and England. 

In 1997, Newbold accompanied the sesquicentennial Mormon Trail Wagon Train, writing and hosting the 14-part documentary, Legacy West.  He was later commissioned by Deseret Book Publishing Company to write a book detailing the experiences of the adventure. The book, In Our Fathers’ Footsteps, waspublished in 1998. 

Newbold is married to the former Lisa Lindsay, and currently resides in the Layton, UT area. They have five children.

All the other authors (as well as a few of us web site publishers) wish they looked this good!

Synopsis of The Baseball Box Prophecy

The archeological discovery of a 900-year-old baseball has nothing to do with twelve-year-old, Cletis Dungarvan. Or so he thinks. In the spring of 1991, Cletis simply wants to play baseball. Yet in order to join the sandlot team of Greenberg Junction, Michigan, a midnight ritual at the haunted house of the forest witch is required. But when the initiation goes awry, teammates scatter, and Cletis finds himself captured in the clutches of the horrifying hag, suddenly much more is at stake than simply membership on a baseball team. Yet, unbeknownst to Cletis, his confrontation with the hag will fulfill words prophesied nearly a thousand years previous, and will launch Cletis headlong into a magical world of ancient revelation, time-travel, and Changelings. As the details of the prophecy’s tale are unveiled, one by one, Cletis discovers his true identity, his ancient connection to the old hag, and his precarious role in helping her return to her proper place and time. But in order to see the prophecy fulfilled in his and in the hag’s favor, Cletis is forced to battle a far-superior opponent within the confines of frozen time. Attempting to understand and discipline powers he never knew existed, Cletis is compelled to navigate the precarious corridors of The Baseball Box Prophecy, even to the brink of death.

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