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New Christmas Music
Remember Christmas for Soprano, Alto, Men

I am excited and nervous about this new Christmas music in a unique, personal way. Without going on and on about it, I'll just let you know that it's words and melody by me, graciously and gorgeously arranged by Daniel Carter. I've been musing over this piece for a couple of years. I knew what I wanted to say and I had a clear idea how I wanted the music to feel. It is amazing to me how completely Dan captured all of this. I remember a movie where one character says, "you can't imagine" and the other replies, "I don't know, I can imagine a lot." Well, I imagined a lot, and Dan's music is more wonderful than anything I had in mind.

What I love most for Sacrament meeting is music that has doctrinal power, that is, it gives the spirit something to bear witness of, and which is simple, beautiful, and easy to sing. Dan's SAM arrangement (soprano, alto, men) does all of this.

Maybe the most impressive comment was made by my professional musician wife, who said she loved the piece before she knew I had anything to do with it.

Jesus was God's own son, born for us to atone for us. The way we honor Him best is by loving each other, every one. This is the simple message of Christmas, the "bottom line" that moves me the most. I love this song and hope you will too.

Dee R. Woolley, Jr.

NEW! Remember Christmas
SAM -- Words and Melody by Dee R. Woolley, Jr., Arr. by Daniel Carter--
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